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Alternative to D-rings for IKs

Michael S from BC came up with a good idea for securing stuff, seats or thigh straps to the floor of your IK without resorting to gluing on expensive D-rings – something that takes application and the right glue to … Continue reading

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One Million Sharks

  This weekend IK&P went supernova and broke through the one-million hit barrier, making it possibly the most read non-commercial website about inflatable kayaks and packrafts. Find a niche and they will come, as the bloke from WaterWorld is said to … Continue reading

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Neris Smart-2 hybrid IK

Pictures from Neris Moscow For a few years Ukrainian kayak manufacturer Neris have been making folding kayaks based (afaict) on the old, all-wood framed East German Pouch (itself based on the Klepper). We  paddled the Spey with a Pouch one … Continue reading

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Chichester Canal & Pagham to Bognor

Forgot camera; pix WYSIWYG We set out to paddle from Chichester Town Basin, down the old ship canal into the tidal Chichester Harbour at Birdham Lock. Lois and Austin in two do-it-all, drop-skeg Venture Flex 11s (right) Robin and Elliot in … Continue reading

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Gumotex 410C becomes the ‘Solar 3’

Gumotex have rebranded 2013’s Solar 410C (right) as a Solar 3. Everything about the two boats appears to be the same, including the price (discounted to about £650 in the UK), but weight somehow goes up 2kg to 19kg. Actual differences only add … Continue reading

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IK autopsy

Performing my cutting-a-kayak-in-half trick gave me a long overdue chance to see exactly how they’re put together, as well as other stuff, like why it was failing and how well certain glues stuck. The neoprene inside I used to assume … Continue reading

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Semperit Mori

A couple of days after trying out the Semperit I noticed a scratch on the hull bottom (left) so decided to pre-emptively patch that with Bostik 1782 (less faff than 2-part). It looked like an old scratch which had opened … Continue reading

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Flat Calm in the Summer Isles

A few pictures from a 5-hour, 22-km paddle round the Summer Isles on a rare day of near-zero wind and hot, sunny skies. From Badenscallie I went south past Horse Island and Iolla Mhor to Carn nan Sgeir, a quick loop around Meall nan … Continue reading

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Semperit at sea – 2

With an inexpensive Sevylor barrel pump I was able to get the repaired Semperit up to a good pressure. Ten days passed while i finished my current project, during which time the boat lost no air that I could feel. Over the same period … Continue reading

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